A Christmas and a New Year

All Santa Parade

All Santa Parade

Well make that two Christmas celebrations and a New Year.

We were settling into our new surroundings quite well and there was no warning sign that the pool would not be warm. Now who would have thought that it would be necessary to have a heated pool during the Lanzarote’s winter. Off all the things not to be expected. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This would be our first Christmas as a family where everything felt so out of order and with no extended family about.

Our gander had taken up football or soccer to the ‘souf efricans’ and the ‘cousins across the ocean’. We quickly slotted into meeting the ‘lads’ who ran the footie on the island.

We were to learn that this was to lead to a different outlook on everything.

However, let us get back to the original intent of this post. Christmas and New Year

On Friday the 23rd we went to watch the local PdC Ladies Footie team win the final against Haria at the stadium in Playa Honda while the girls were entertained by the Christmas street parade. This is a new ‘English’ tradition as the locals do not celebrate Christmas Day on the 25th but rather on the 6th of January.

On Christmas morning, the children opened their presents which were far less than previous years however the response was superb and gave us much to feel proud about. The enthusiasm towards our little family celebration was ‘neat’ and the family went down to the beach in the afternoon, quite something considering it is winter here.

We had a quiet New Year’s Eve. Make that quiet and relaxed but we were still able to go down as a family at 1am to watch the fireworks display.

We were treated to another street parade on Thursday evening of the 5th. This was quite something as the 3 ‘Kings’ (known as wise men to us) travelled upon camels and tossed a ‘helluva’ lot of sweets to everyone along the road. RKAD and ENAD scurried off after to the parade collecting sweets in the parade’s wake. This Duck was also busy collecting and passing out to the little ones along the road who did not get. A nice time

Santa (or correctly the 3 Wise men) again paid our household a visit in the morning of the 6th

All well appreciated, as I do believe we still have one ‘duckling’ in the family who may still believe in Santa.

So this was a pretty congested time of the year and our first Christmas; times 2, and New Year Celebration on the island.





  1. Thanks ofr this. So good to hear of other’s ways of celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Keep the good work coming.

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