A Saturday start

Lanza Road Runners

Lanza Road Runners

We had again hired a shoe-box mid-week to do a few things related to the new house and now come Saturday we were going back down to Puerto Del Carmen to meet up for the Saturday run with the local running club.

The venue matched the best Sea Point, Green Point or even Camps Bay and Hout Bay had to offer and it was a great way to get the day rolling.

Mrs Duck and RKAD went off with the main pack while this Duck stayed back with ENED and UNAD. We did however proceed to run after the runners a few minutes later. An extreme joy to run along with Miss Determination and then to have the ‘artist’ ENED who enjoys displaying the concentration of a fly, made for a different run. Make no bones about it, ENED can run. But and a big but that is, on her terms. Everything she does must be on her terms. Artist temperament.

RKAD did 4km, running 2km out with the group and then 2km back on his own. The little lad is beginning to enjoy running and his build is definitely that of a middle-distance athlete in the making. Time will tell.

MrsDuck completed 9km in total and she will do 3 weeks of training to get into shape to run a 10.5 km race in December. In truth we not looking for much, just a top 3 finish ๐Ÿ˜‰

Had a chat with the man Hollywood over breakfast in quite a nice setting, yet again underlining why PdC has been a good choice as our location.

The RKAD was again happy to get to watch all the ‘footie’ on Saturday and it is good to have the family beginning to settle into the island lifestyle.

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