The Path of your Choice

The Path of your Choice

As most of you would know we a family consisting of 5, at the time of making a decision to make changes that would affect our family inclusive of 3 children, we were living on a farm in the South of Sweden.

When we look back at our life’s path, maybe the move from Finland to Sweden some 5 years ago prepared us for the future of The Undefined Life.

We had enjoyed life on the farm and the children were developing rather nicely however both the wife and I felt at times that where we demanded a more disciplined approach to the implementing of self-discipline and self respect, we found that society seemed less inclined to seek these requirements from children.

Maybe they were all too busy living their lives and paying their bills with the hope that the school would take care of the fundamental development of their children?

What was also noted, was that as a family we were the only parents where both exercised regularly and who found the benefits of self discovery through the challenges of sport.

Then, when an occasion arose at school with our son in November 2010 and with the combination of the area experiencing their worst winter in a 100 years, the seeds of the decision to move to warmer climes and a new way of life were sown.

Plans are a great thing and even if they are not life itself, it is important to have dreams.

In 2011, we began getting rid of our ‘stuff’ and by the end June we no longer had the possessions such as furniture and appliances.

In July 2011, we returned to Finland for summer and to prepare for the next steps in the journey.

next – The location – sport and warmer

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  1. Sue Johnson says:

    Wow! ………….waiting for the updates….good luck, safe travels and God’s richest blessings on you all!

  2. Hey Buddy, So the big day has finally arrived after all the planning. I wish the family a safe flight and will follow your endeavours with keen interest on the website

    You and the family are a grate inspiration to many human seeking a better quality of life and I am very confident things will settle down quickly allowing you to establish a very successful enterprise base at your new location!

    Best wishes to all the family!!!

    Mark Tove Erin

  3. CliveBaggaley says:

    Inspirational and pioneering Gav ! Certainly taken on the minamilist approach. Free from the shakels and ‘things’ that we, in this life need to learn to hold lightly. Lords richest and deepest blessings Gav/Piia. Prayers are with you all for a smooth, no complication fligh. Look forward to the ‘top-up’ when you have time. Safe landings.

    God speed.


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