The house search continues

The gaggle were quite settled

The gaggle were quite settled

Just when we thought we were on top of things and we had shown interest in the 3 bedroom duplex home, a new curve ball was thrown.

The owner wanted a month deposit and 6 months in advance. [Read more…]

The tide, she is turning

The new temporary location

The new temporary location

When stress hits it can be debilitating, when luck arrives it can be invigorating.

Our luck arrived in the form of finding temporary accommodation which gave the feeling of more stability in comparison to our soon to be previous abode.

On the Friday we went down to Puerto Del Carmen to meet the local event organiser, Kenneth Gasque, at the event registration in a local hotel.

The Music Marathon (no 42km, only up to 21km, one day I shall learn why it is called a marathon), turned out to be a great event to meet other runners and I even bumped into someone who lived in South Africa for 20 years and had co-founded the ‘new’ local running club.

On the Saturday before going to the P d C event we moved into our new abode. A first floor, 2 bedroom apartment overlooking the swimming pool area.

The ‘gaggle were happy and Mr and Mrs Duck felt slightly relieved. Our budget was not aimed at maintaining an expenditure that caused a haemorrhage.

It is bad enough relocating and starting over however try do so on a limited budget and it is the equivalent to committing ‘Hari-Kari’ with a blunt knife.

Seppuku was never the plan for us but it began to take on that ‘form’ during the last week.

That was until a local steered us towards the person who provided us with the new temporary accommodation.

We now had guaranteed accommodation; for the next 6 weeks, with the further luck of having an internet connection as well as a TV in the apartment.

Though I could have done without the XFACTOR.

Things were certainly looking up.

We had also viewed an apartment in the Costa Teguise area, 3 bedrooms with a small pool and a communal pool.

They would be getting back to us about the duplex house which was available either mid-November or the end November.

Onwards and upwards.

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