Days of our Lives

This Great Life

This Great Life

Like sand in the hour glass, these are the Days of our Lives. Yes, yes, at times this feels like a bad soapie waiting for the days to play out into the pot of gold below the rainbow.

Like relationships, everything in life takes work. We are putting our best foot forward and we contributing to our relationship with Lanzarote.

And  just like a number of Guns and Roses songs from ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’, ‘November Rain’, ‘Patience’, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, through to ‘Welcome To The Jungle’, Lanzarote is proving to be a suitable match.

I meet a few people who are visiting the island and can in a ‘manner of sanctity’ say how lucky we are, though I must tell them there is nothing romantic about it, just hard graft and a belief that the relationship will work, due to our stubborn desire to make the best out of what we have and the knowledge that things can only get better.

The days float by quicker than a hazy afternoon and we keep reminding ourselves that we have a ‘plan and program’ for all and why we are here.

The island embraces you but is sceptic that you shall last the distance. Many have come and gone before us and they are not easily fooled into a lasting relationship.

Yes, this is one relationship you will work for and appreciate with time.

And with that said we approached the weekend in calmness and dropped the idea of hiring a car to move closer towards the 1st December and besides we had some friends venturing across to the island as part of a group sporting tour.

So much to look forward to.

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