Four Weeks today



We made it to four weeks that we have been on the island today.

The ride has not been great and interesting but rather a conservative challenge with the little ups along the way.

First off, we should have come down with our own car, as the independence this would have brought would have been magnificent.

Yes, Yes .. I will get over this however it will take a while. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If ever you budget to move to an island, double the amount you have considered, that will bring a better peace of mind.

There have been a lot of pros and we in a way have achieved a great deal however this has been very much what we have made out of the cards that have been played.

It has been a rough ride and the family have withstood all the aspects that have been thrown at us, to go on to find the silver lining of each cloud.

So we should believe that things will and shall become better and we look forward to moving into our own home the 1st December.

We grow more fond of the island with each day and week passing. It is certainly becoming our home. There has been nothing romantic about the relocation however we are hoping that it has provided further character for each of us in the Duck family.

So onwards and upwards and we certainly look forward to the good aspects of the island.

Only yesterday it was mentioned to me that there are two ways to go on this island, either take up sport or become an alcoholic.

Whereas I am sure that some may try both.

image credit: RKAD


  1. Gab to hear how you are doing. I am reading with Greta interest. Take care, lots of hugs from Sweden!

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