Getting all our Ducks in a row

Taking the Dip

Taking the Dip

The feeling of arriving in Finland as homeless and possession (furniture and appliances) free peasants was quite liberating but that would no doubt change once we had arrived to stay with the ‘outlaws’.

The stay in Finland over summer was incredibly good and I do believe it may have been more of a strain on the ‘outlaws’ than us, though it never showed.

The children; our gaggle, RKAD, ENED and UNAD, had a splendid time during one of the better summers for the Northern Exposure.

Now here is the deal. We are not simply moving down to the Canary Islands and putting the gaggle into a school. No, we working on how best to achieve ‘self-flagellation’ that would make Opus Dei look like a Sunday school gathering.

No No .. we signed up for the Full Monty, we going in for homeschooling

Why dip your toe in when you can put your whole body in?

That’s right, throw yourself in at the deep end and hope for the best.

Now Now .. if only. The process has been thought out and some 6 years ago we had been speaking about homeschooling with regards to future plans and it seems that this relocation is the fruit of those thoughts.

Certain thoughts were in place before the children were born and it was during my last trip to South Africa in October 2000 that some seeds were first sown.

But more on that later, as this plays a role in a big part of why homeschooling and the long-term picture.

Always remembering to live life on a daily basis.

I can recall years of athletic coaching where the training programs and plans never went according to script and you had to juggle life in the pursuit of goals.

So by the end September, a month later than our 2 month wish, we were still not that much closer to getting to the island of our choice.

I had made contact with a sports center on the Island and had meetings in Finland planning for our future business opportunities related to the move. If we were able to get into an agreement to get accommodation from the said sporting resort, we would then have a base to be able to focus on looking for permanent accommodation.

Of course, paying for the accommodation would have been the likely way however we were trying to formulate a working relationship. Accommodation in return for services related to the DMG-network and the sites associated to Travel and Sport, and particularly Running

Achieving this would also allow us to have more finance at our disposal for when we got down to the warmer climes.

This unfortunately, did not provide the results we desired however it did give us an intro into future developments.

By now MrsDuck was getting itchy feet and wanted to tie up loose ends such as the 15 plus boxes we had left in Sweden. Originally we were going to drive through Europe to the island (via ferry) with a trailer.

That would have been fun however flying down did seem the sensible solution, though it would certainly restrict you in what you could take down. Well, as long as we had a spade and bucket, right.

We shot across to Sweden towards the end of September and returned as quickly as we had gone across. It was great to see our old home and to see old friends, and realise that 5 years spent there had prepared the family well for the forthcoming move.

On return, another part of the puzzle fell into place and this was a major piece as it would make matters easier.

As anyone would know, moving is expensive and relocating is even more of a task and especially with a family with 3 children aged between 5 and 10 years.

Let it be known, this gaggle are made of hardy stuff and they are in essence part of a solid working team. A great deal of this family development came about due to our Copenhagen Marathon involvement where the family attended each happening as part of my work with the event.

Thank you Klaus, you have no idea how this provided a fantastic part in the ‘gaggles’ preparation for what is taking place now.

Booking the flights and finding temporary accommodation on Lanzarote – We leaving on a Jet Plane


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