Getting back on track

A Time to Reflect

A Time to Reflect

It has been most difficult writing the blog when not being with the program and on top of things.

Of course there can always be excuses and reasons for this happening however if you let it slip because of whatever reason, it becomes more difficult to formulate the next blog posting.

So today, I have got with it and will try to get everything up to date or maybe one posting short of up to date.

We have covered Christmas and New Year and on Facebook, I had mentioned that they had connected our ADSL one day after applying for it. A shock of shocks all right, when one considers the mañana of the island. Now do note mañana is what I would have spelled as MAJANA as that is how we would have pronounced it.

That’s the nice thing about life, we can learn something new each day. And yes, sarcasm is not one of my strengths.

Well, we had become more involved with the footie and I had now started following, with the local coaches, the English Premier matches over the weekends and if need be during the week as well. In order to achieve this we would have our favourite bars to watch the various games according to the matches of the day. The Inn Place in the Old Town screened 3 to 4 matches simultaneously and even rolled out snacks at half time on Saturdays.

Neither lads are Man U fans either so it makes it even more enjoyable 😉

Things were getting a bit out of hand as the weight had shot up over the last 3 months. Stress and pubs, lack of exercise etc etc pushed me back up to 97kg. Not good. So, TheDuck stopped drinking on New Year’s Eve and has started working on getting to a championship fighting weight.

I do believe I could become a grumpy git.

I started running every 2nd day and have even had the delight of UNAD going with me. She is a real joy to run with as her enthusiasm is tangible.

MrsDuck had no homeschooling with the ‘gaggle’ over the festive season but has now worked the routine back in.

SuperMom rolled the girls down to the local tennis courts and even though we have certain plans in this area, we still went down to see what’s what.

Rome was not built in a day.

RKAD was now training footie almost every day, as he was playing the indoor football as well as the outdoors, we will need to find a balance for this shortly.

To add to matters, MrsDuck has now become an assistant coach with the footie group the girls train with.

I have been banging away at getting the massive Running Information portal onto a new format and it is slow and tedious.

I shall do another catch up blog with things tennis and other related before hopefully getting up to scratch on things happening more or less now.




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