It has been a while

A tough life

A tough life


Good intentions are often paved in gold. And the lack of posting an update certainly was not intentional.

Much has happened, our middle child turned eight and her demands were quite beautiful to say the least. To go feed the fish in Puerto Calero was one of the first requests that came to mind. A loaf of bread was all that was needed to fulfil that one.

We also were able to provide her with what she described as her best birthday present ever. She wanted roller blades. We also provided the necessary accessories such as helmet and padding. This dainty lass is a treasure. She is so slight in build but is a toyboy in purpose. The choice of roller blade kit was hilarious to say the least.

Happy to have this go down in a manner pleasant to the soul.

And as most of you know, we have also moved. It was not such a big affair as we don’t really own anything. 🙂

We drove down to PdC with our island possessions and moved in without much fuss. Though we had the little story of the internet to set-up.

mañana plays a major role over here


  1. Hello folks,

    Nice to hear from you and to see those beautiful pictures. I am sure your challenges in the beginning will be something you’ll laugh at later on. We’re really hoping to find a chance to visit you still this winter!


  2. Thanks k4m, we sincerely hope we able to laugh at the end of everything when we look back.

    And we would love to see you before winter is out, we are really looking forward to your visit

    TheDuck and crew

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