Kim and Co visit

KimCo Visit

KimCo Visit

If ever I use the same excuse of time and writing about our journey to the sun I shall allow you to thump a brick on my thumb.

Herewith I shall provide no excuse for being more slack than the rope trying to tow the Taiwanese trawler off Clifton beach.

Time has passed since my last call to write and we are now in full understanding as to why a pool is something that should be fitted before a bath.

The past week here has been a scorcher and even if it has been unseasonable or unreasonable depending if you sitting in the wet UK. The temps have brought home as to how hot things can become here and why to have a fan before a friend on Facebook is more valuable.

Now with the silliness; which is of a nature to me, put to the side, I shall return to discussing certain aspects of life on the island.

And of course, our visitors in the form of Kim & Co.

The Aaltonen family stayed for a week and were accommodated in Cinco Plazas, which was some 5 minutes away from our home. Most convenient and the allure of the ‘heated’ pool proved a hit with our young ones.

Mrs Duck and I, worked on a combination of ginger, garlic, honey and lemon with hot water to combat my chest infection however I am not sure of the full effect and benefits of this remedy as I simply got fed up and started drinking beer on the day the Aaltonens arrived.

I shall certainly delve deeper into the combination without the influence of beer as I do believe it did pay off.

Kim & Co, were here for a week and the days shot by, we had 2 ‘grills’ during this time and it was especially great to see how the kids loved having the visitors around, considering the easy walking distance.

The KimCo family also got to go on a ‘family tour’ of the island with David of Adventure Holidays Lanzarote.

One week was seriously not enough for their family or ours 🙂

Here’s hoping we get more visitors during summer.

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