Our first Calima

Our First Calima

Our First Calima

We had heard about the Calima when we first came to the island but had to wait a while to experience our exposure to the red dust.

At first the Calima did not look as bad as anticipated however there was an after effect that had an impact on all concerned.

The Calima comes from the Sahara Desert and is blown across the Canary Islands. So in theory it is a duststorm stirred up by high winds in the Sahara which makes its way across the islands via South Easterly winds.

I am sure we shall; unfortunately, learn more about this red devil however for now we continue with our enjoyment of the island which is on the right track.

The next morning we were able to see the ‘mountain’ again with a grand cloud covering

Mountain returns - The day after

Mountain returns - The day after

In Cape Town, we have the Cape Doctor and it is also linked to a South Easterly wind and the cloud covering is normally across Table Mountain and not a cloud covering, as above, the day after. Well, we have to draw similarities somewhere.

So we thought we had got off lightly and that the Calima was not as ‘hazardous’ as we had heard it could be. A group of women came for 5 days of tennis training and the weather was simply superb after the Calima. They were from the South of the UK and they simply bloomed in the good weather.

Then it hit us, MrsDuck and the ‘gaggle’ all came down with ‘colds’ as part of the ‘after effects’ of the Calima.

At first I was not affected and it was a week after they had got sick that I got the sore throat and ‘runny’ nose which unfortunately went straight to my chest.

Fortunately, this did not happen to the rest of the family, going to the chest. However, it did slow the family down considerably with running taking a back seat.

And all this before the Aaltonens from Finland were coming for a week long holiday.

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