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Going down El Golfo way

Going down El Golfo way

The weekend was indeed a running weekend with another running ‘meeting’ on Sunday morning. This was fronted by the local best athlete, Jose Carlos Hernandez, who is a 2:13 marathoner. There was a decent crowd who participated and it was great to witness the enthusiasm by both the runners attending and those putting on the program.

MrsDuck was taking a number of pics and we will no doubt use them at a later stage within all the various projects on the go.

The strange thing with hiring the car and needing a car is that you more likely to need one when there is no car available. And this was again the case with us looking for something to do now that we had the car.

On Monday we went down to El Golfo, this was one area we had skipped on our first weekend tour of the island. This proved to be a magic photo opportunity and we had a snap happy occasion on the West coast of the island where Los Hervideros also provided for scenic views and entertainment.

From there we went in search of the black sand beach situated by Playa Quemada but instead were met by ‘black stones’. We were to learn that this is tide related, so we shall need to have a return when things appear differently.

We had a good giggle with the shoe-box needing to climb one particular hill in 1st gear. At least we able to laugh though I do not think the car found it amusing.

I do believe the series of photos below show the beauty the island can provide.

This all makes for areas of interest for our visitors, of which we still have no concrete ‘bookings’

Come now, our children need some entertainment ๐Ÿ˜‰


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