Resident and Wifi

Those little things

Those little things

In getting your own rented apartment as well as internet connection you need to do a few things.

And one of the first things was rolling out the getting of my ‘residencia’, a little green piece of paper that opened the doors to Lanza heaven. Well, so it would seem from the amount of bother associated with it and the process. Thereafter it was the opening of a bank account which would lead to being able to get communication aspects in place, such as our own internet and the what not.

I had spent the time, till now, going down to the restaurants on the strip in the morning to use their Wifi internet connection. Nailed it down to getting the continental breakfast for €1.95 which then afforded me the use of the internet.

Now with the necessities in place, green paper check, bank account check. We could now proceed to get our own internet connection. We took the wifi connection immediately to test, as the ADSL we were told could take longer. The intention was to use the new wifi; test it, and then if it didn’t work out well we could get the ADSL.

Each connection required a contract for 18 months, which yes, could only be signed if you had the resident paper and bank account.

There was chaos trying to get the Wifi and mobile contract into place and after 4 visits to the store and the ‘traditional’ handing over of money we left with no 18 month contract but a rolling Wifi contract and a pay as you go mobile phone.

This was to prove to be something that would work in our favour a little later down the line.

It was now done and we needed to get the internet in place, getting ADSL was going to be a little more difficult to start with so I got a new Vodafine wifi.

It seemed like bliss to have an internet connection at home and I was beginning to be able to catch up on all the various internet related aspects that had been somewhat neglected.

Though, Christmas and the end of the year was fast approaching

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