Sailing between the days

Other side of Marina

Other side of Marina

One great thing about the island is the many different activities taking place and yachting is one of them.

Puerto Calero is the main yachting destination of the island though most of the coastal towns tend to have their own marina, albeit PC is known as the ‘Millionaires Marina’.

We had been fortunate enough to hear about the RC44 World Championship regatta and so decided to make an afternoon trip down, as we still had the shoe-box rental to get us around.

I have a like for sailing in the same way as surfing as both users of their activity are linked by their love of the sea. They have much in common though often people view them to be totally opposite to each other due to the one often displaying opulence and the other a more ‘spendthrift’ approach.

I am hoping you get my meaning on this.

We again got to see the ‘protected’ fish in the marina and the next time we return we shall bring some bread for entertainment.

This was also the day when I went to start the ball rolling towards my ‘residencia’ which was interesting enough as the first process is done by a woman who stamps the forms and then sends you off to make another appointment.

This person became very talkative once she read that I was from Cape Town and she began to enthuse that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places in the world and that it is the only place that when she left she cried. She had stayed in Camps Bay and had tried to get a job at UCT so that she could stay.

Fortunately, I was not asked why I wanted to be on ‘this’ island when I came from a place such as Cape Town.

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