The house search continues

The gaggle were quite settled

The gaggle were quite settled

Just when we thought we were on top of things and we had shown interest in the 3 bedroom duplex home, a new curve ball was thrown.

The owner wanted a month deposit and 6 months in advance.

After-all, we said we wanted to rent a house, not buy a house.

As ‘providence’ provides and shows, this curve ball was thrown for a purpose.

We had truly enjoyed Puerto Del Carmen and after meeting the runners down there as well as enjoying the vibe of the beach strip, similar to the Sea Point Promenade of years gone by, our desire to find accommodation there had become of great interest.

Whereas it was the owner’s right to ask for the above rental requirements in Costa Teguise, it was also within our rights to reject it.

And this we did, with the knowledge of knowing that Puerto Del Carmen may have our name stamped on it for the future.

We had also heard of Playa Honda being a place for families and had seen a few apartments advertised, so we decided to go down there while looking to find our new home in the PdC area.

Swedish School Group

One of the reasons we had; originally, chosen Costa Teguise was due to there being a Swedish School that met every Tuesday in the area. On this Tuesday, we got to go meet the other students at the school. It was a great time and it gave our children an opportunity to ‘polish’ up on their Swedish (not their Polish).

It also gave the ‘gaggle’ an opportunity to mix with other children their age, something which would still not happen as often until we truly settle in.

Things were looking better and we found solace in rejecting the rental terms of the Costa Teguise duplex.

Now all we needed to do was find the right home at the right price in the right location.

Finding the right home

So we were back on the ‘flutter’ again looking for the home that would answer our needs for now. This time though, we did not have the stress to deal with, due to the need to find a place in the blink of an eye.

The previous week, none of the places we viewed did anything for me, I never mentioned this as MrsDuck would always determine the ‘nest’ appropriate for us.

We now knew that the place we wanted needed to be in Puerto Del Carmen however whether we would be able to achieve this now was another story.

But some stories must have a happy ending and we were counting on this, only towards the end of the week before did things start shining in our favour. There was no reason why matters couldn’t continue in that direction.

Our home was no doubt just around the next corner that needed to be turned.

And besides, the ‘gaggle’ seemed quite relaxed

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