The old onwards and upwards

We still have the sunset

We still have the sunset

It has been a busy time of late, yet it has more resembled treading water than making any significant progress towards being finally settled.

As things stand now, we move into the Puerto Del Carmen home in December. This will be a great relief but will then in-turn come with the new challenges relating to being registered for all and sundry expenses to start. From residency to internet, water and electricity, the club shall come out and we will be like cub seals waiting for the blow.

On the Friday, we got to go to our first ‘initial’ business introduction meeting and it would be good if something fine can come from this; afterall, we have a great deal to offer and as soon as we can settle in will see us establishing other aspects.

Of course the transport will need to get sorted out however this has us in the egg and chicken scenario which only adds to the unnecessary stress processing.

We also got to see a spot of surfing which was quite invigorating

On the Saturday, Piia went down to PdC to do the run with the running club while I stayed at home with ENED as she had hurt her wrist, there was concern from her for both her art and tennis career, though we are sure that everything shall be OK.

Come Sunday, we shot across to the North West of the island to take a few pics of the start of a ‘social’ cycle tour which had, the great Eddy Merckx, say a few words before they departed.

Over the weekend RKAD got to buy a new football and went down to a local ‘asphalt’ football arena meeting up with a local lad with German parents. The little man was most happy however come the end of play the ball was not. We would think playing with a football on a rough surface would produce results to the ball most youngsters would see coming. Well at least now they know.

Time for a new ball, no doubt.

Also of interest over the weekend was MrsDuck meeting up with two Finns. It was a good time spent and enjoyed by all I am told.

There will be further meet-ups too.

I also got to meet up with the father of RKAD’s new football friend and then started the process to get my ‘residencia’ in order. This should be complete in December.

This post takes us to and including Tuesday with a further post to cover Wednesday onwards.

Apologies for the delay in posts but for some reason not everything is working out the way planned.



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