Total Catch Up

Family visit to El Golfo

Family visit to El Golfo

OK .. that’s that .. we going to have to do a total catch up as we got bogged down over the last 4 weeks +.

Since the last post we have tested tennis at the local court, which didn’t work out and didn’t fit in for our future plans tennis related and MrsDuck’s family came to visit.Whereas the tennis was meant to be a beginner sample, it simply was not what TheDuck considered a development aspect for any aspiring tennis player. It was a group effort aimed at hitting a tennis ball but not instituting the basics of tennis development. This month (March) we shall have to get the basics of our plans ready to roll out.

Just not Tennis

Just not Tennis

At a later stage we shall discuss all things tennis.

During the period of January we had MrsDuck’s parents as well as Uncle and Aunt (who are her God-Parents) visit. They did not stay with us, instead about 1km away. The parents came for 2 weeks and the God-Parents for the last week of the parents’ 2 weeks. They stayed in the same complex together and hired an 8 seater for the last week. So in the last week they did a fair amount of travelling around the island with TheDuck family in tow.

During this period, the island experienced one of it’s coldest spells and particularly at night. The homes are not designed to retain heat (no insulation) and I can state that it is more cold indoors at night than it was in either Sweden or Finland when we lived there. We will be better equipped for this and more mentally prepared in the future. It was nothing a blanket or two couldn’t solve, though MrsDuck rolled the heater out into each room to warm the room up before the children went to sleep. MrsDuck suffers tremendously from the cold and that is why this island was so high on her list. So to fight the dislike of the cold she uses the hair-drier to quickly warm up the bed for her before getting in.

The days were warm however a jumper was needed.

And it can also be reported that we have indeed got the BRAAI aspect (grilli, BBQ for others other than SA) included in our weekend routines. A 1/2 meter in size grill to take care of things related to burning things above a fire. It did take at least 4 attempts to get the right coal and to start getting to grips with the grilling without attracting the attention of the fire department.

UNAD had used her money to buy herself a new set of roller-blades to be in tune with her sister, so walking to places is now slower than previously as we have to take the learning process into consideration.

On my side, I had been working on bringing the weight down and also introduced diving into the pool after the run and then standing there for 1 minute without moving before getting out. 6 weeks no beer was the prescription and by the end January I had dropped to 92kg. (5k loss)

The swimming pool was colder than cold.

I was doing a light 20 minute run every 2nd day and occasionally a 30 minute plus run, the ice cream run was also introduced with the girls whereby if they ran with TheDuck then they would get an ice cream as a reward. This worked too well for UNAD as she wanted to run everyday ๐Ÿ˜‰

MrsDuck had not been on a running training program yet and since December’s race had not let the stresses of running be part of her routine, which one could say was wise with everything else going on and us still not being settled.

Though I can mention that MrsDuck has started running since and as I type this blog she is out on her longest run of the year, 75 minutes.

In the next blog, I shall cover February and we should be up to date and ready to get a blog a week out at the minimum.

Apologies for the delays it has still been a tad stressful in-between pleasing Google and other work related aspects

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